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This is a workflow of technical tasks for developers who are building a COVID-19 app. This should be part of a holistic security program for your organization. Please refer to our full list of Workflows.

Data Security
App Security
Identity Management
  • ISO/IEC 24760-1:2019 IT Security and Privacy — A framework for identity management

CyberSec Standards Regional Compliance Checklist

Create an account for your app, and work through the compliance checklists for regional privacy laws at our developer portal.

OWASP Secure Coding Practices Checklist

This is a checklist of secure coding practices that can be integrated into the software development lifecycle. Original checklist at

ISO/IEC 24760-1:2019 IT Security and Privacy

ISO provides guidance for implementing a framework for identity management. That is, the issuance, administration, and use of data that serves to characterize individuals, organizations or information technology components which operate on behalf of individuals or organizations.

  • For organizational data: The proper management of identity information is necessary to maintain security of the organization and its processes.
  • For individuals' data: Proper identity management is required to protect individual privacy.

ISO/IEC 24760-1:2019 at the ISO/IEC Information Technology Task Force (ITTF) web site.