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| style="padding: 10px" | [[File:StartHere32.png|Start Here|link=Start Here]]
| [[File:StartHere32.png|Start Here|link=Start Here]]
  || New to cybersecurity? [[Start Here|Start here!]]
  || New to cybersecurity? [[Start Here|Start here!]]

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Welcome to Cybersec Standards

Cybersec Standards is a unified cybersecurity framework/repository that provides guidance for pandemic response technologies at different stages of the epidemiological management lifecycle. This incorporates technical guidance, compliance requirements (regulatory requirements, privacy law etc.) and industry- and location-specific guidance.

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Cybersecurity Resources

Start Here New to cybersecurity? Start here!
Regional Guidance Regional Guidance for privacy laws that apply to your region of the world, such as:

COVID-19 Apps

Listing of COVID-19 Apps.


News about COVID-19 security and privacy.

Security Frameworks, including:


HIPAA Guidance for guidelines on how to secure electronic health information.


ISO/IEC 27001 Standards

OECD Transborder Privacy Guidelines

OECD Privacy Guidelines for OECD guidance on transborder flows of personal data.

How-tos, including:

Technical Guidance

Technical Guidance for security how-tos and external guidance.


Developer Workflows for step-by-step guidance on securing your applications and data.