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* Industry-specific Laws
* Industry-specific Laws
** Medical devices
* Privacy Management
* Privacy Management
** Employee Training
** Employee Training

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Building a holistic security program is not a trivial process. However, you can get started by following a simplified workflow and build from there.

It is important to remember that security is a lifecycle. It must be continually maintained and refined.


  • COBIT - Governance at an organizational level
  • NIST - Cybersecurity Framework with holistic guidance for different functional areas of the organization.

Technical Security

  • Platform Security
  • App Security
  • Developer Workflow
  • Network Security

Legal Compliance

  • Data Protection Impact Assessment
  • Regional Privacy and Data Security Laws
  • Industry-specific Laws
    • HIPAA
    • Medical devices
  • Privacy Management
    • Employee Training
    • Consumer Rights

Risk Management

  • Risk Analysis